To be able to fully pass the ABPMR or American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, one should undergo both written and oral exams. For one incredible woman, getting a certificate from the board is the biggest factor that will determine a doctor’s place in the industry, and while she easily passed the requirements, she never stopped in achieving more. Her name is no other than Dr. Mary Kneiser, her life and profession as a physiatrist was 24 years in the making, and her entire timeline in the medicine world dates 19 years and counting. Mary’s passion and interest in the craft made her hungry to become a renowned figure in her community, and for that reason, she also took up one more certificate from the ABEM or American Board of Emergency Medicine. These certificates gave Kneiser the complete bragging rights to conduct her specialty treatments to a large scale of patients, her commitment to provide top notch recovery made her reach great heights in the Michigan’s group of doctors.

Over the years, Dr. Mary Kneiser immersed her time and effort completely into the craft and practice, ever since she graduated from a 4 year degree in medicine at the Wayne State University – School of Medicine, she was literally unstoppable. After she has finished her academics, Kneiser immediately applied for an internship and committed herself into three years of post doctoral residency training as well. She was eager and determined to make her name a substantial one in the industry, she believed that by incorporating her name with garnished credentials and certificates, earning the trust and respect of potential clients and patients will fall easily right into place. Since she has a number of certificates, recognitions and titles, she became affiliated with five prestigious hospitals in her community; Kneiser was an asset to most of these institutions for her remarkable treatments and performance in the field.

Curing and treating all types of musculoskeletal diseases, minor to severe bone and muscle injuries and other forms of chronic body pains is her prime expertise. Dr. Mary Kneiser receives a huge number of appointments every single day from different establishments, and the majority of people she attends to regularly are athletes who encounters certain inflicted injuries from a result of excessive training and fatigue. She performs specific and careful treatment procedures to patients, and even after the process, Mary still requires her patients to undergo regular check up to help avoid the recurring of the injuries. That is because even the slightest bone fracture or sprained ankle if not attended quickly, will result into a heavier problem, and that is what Mary is focused on. She teaches her patients how they can imply proper prevention and how they can apply professional responsibility to their training or exercises.



Most of the time, the reason a person takes up a particular course in college is because he wants it to be his profession upon graduation. It is quite rare for someone to spend four or five years studying a course only change to route later on. There are few people however who would take risk in working for extremely opposite field than what he actually finished. This people follow where their calling is or which field they are more passionate about.

One example is Mark Antman, co-founder and co-owner of Image Works, one of the best photo studios in New York. As most people don’t know, Antman is actually not a graduate of any art course since he had a degree in biology and chemistry from the prestigious New York University. He clearly had the passion with the said fields of science but he clearly had more passion in the world of photography. While at NYU, Mark Antman was already doing part time work as a photo journalist for several journals. From his part time jobs is where his passion for art grew even bigger. Despite the fact that he was already falling in love with photography, Antman was still able to finish his degree which shows how he values education.

Antman also joined several competitions to further hone his skills and knowledge about photography. In those competitions, he was already making a name for himself as a photographer by winning some contests. From joining these competitions, he was able to meet the person that became his partner in building the very successful Image Works. Antman and Alan Carey established Image Works in 1983 after Antman returned from working in France as a documentary journalist. Ever since their company was built, it has not taken a step back and has been providing quality work to each New Yorkers. Today, Antman solely manages it ever since Carey retired.

The skills of Antman in photography do not end in his photo studio. Antman also works individually when people hire him to take photos for wedding and other events.

Antman’s talent level in photography is in the upper extreme. His passion brought him to photography but his skills put him on top.

Mark Antman is certainly happy and satisfied with where he is now. Had he not followed his passion for photography, there would probably be no Image Works and there would probably be no Mark Antman.


Most humans admire accepting and giving allowance baskets because it artlessly shows how abundant you care. Acquiring a new pet is one of the occasions you should celebrate. A allowance bassinet is simple to accumulate and the items are abiding to be acclimated by the Ragdoll kitten.

To appropriately acceptable the new accession to a family ragdoll kittens, why don’t you adapt a Ragdoll babe acceptable basket? Here are 8 Ragdoll babe basal items to put in:

The cat carrier could calmly be the bassinet itself area you can abode all the added articles in. They appear in abounding forms. The acceptable one looks like a abode with holes on top and abandon and a baby aperture with bars. Some are fabricated of harder artificial while others can be beautiful in altered colors and designs.

Ragdoll babe affliction guides advance backing aliment and baptize bowls to be included in your bassinet of goodies. There are abounding varieties of cat aliment and baptize bowls to accept from. Some even accept appearance like automated agriculture so that even if you’re not around, you can be assured that your Ragdoll babe will not go hungry.

Cat admonishment articles is one must-have in your acceptable backing basket. This can advice you alternation your babe to affection the abstraction of getting groomed. Examples are cat shampoo, flea powder, adjust and besom set, cat soap and added accessories you can anticipate of.

Kitty clutter and clutter box should aswell be on your acceptable bag. You should argue your vet, the antecedent buyer or the agriculturalist as to what clutter your babe is acclimated to. Teaching your new Ragdoll babe area to pee and account is what this account is for.